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Wired Certification

General Facts about Wireless Certification​ (Also known as "Telecommunication Business Law Giteki" / "JATE" certification)


Scope of Application
  • On-the-premises wired equipment, hereinafter referred to as: "device" to be connected to public networks. (e.g. Telephone, Analog or ADSL Modem, Cellular Phone, HomePNA Concentrator, etc.)

  • Please note that in some cases, even though a wired interface is not provided, device may be subject to certification.


Certification Process
  • A document package, including information about the device, the applicant/manufacturer, and a test sample or a test report are required.

  • Certification authority: registered certification body​


Applicable Fees
  • Handling fee: handling of the application from the preparation until the delivery of the certificate

  • Wired interface testing fee: testing of the device as per the certification authority requirements (when a test report is not provided)

  • Certification Authority fee


Certification Timeframe
  • An usual timeframe for the issuance of the certificate is 1 to 3 weeks once the application is submitted to the certification authority.

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